Tough Guy

Posted on July 04 2016

Look at that face!

January 3, 2015 was the beginning of a better life for Tough Guy. He had been living outdoors in a hoarding situation in Farmington, MO for several years. On that day, Needy Paws Rescue went out to this property and was able to rescue 7-8 dogs. Tough Guy was one of those lucky pups! The person in Farmington told us he was 5 years old but once we met Tough Guy we knew he was much older.

A few days after his rescue Tough Guy had his first vet visit. This was to be the beginning of many visits. He actually loved going to the vet! In fact, he loved going anywhere there were people. His other favorite place to go was adoption events at the pet store. More people to meet!


On this first vet visit it was discovered Tough Guy had chronic bronchitis and bad arthritis in his back end. To help with this he took a pain killer and used a bronchodilator for his lungs. Over a year later, his foster parent noticed he was having trouble holding his bladder while sleeping. So, on April 1, 2016, Tough Guy went back to the vet. The vet conducted more X-rays and discovered that Tough Guy’s condition was worse than before. In fact, the vet stated that poor Tough Guy had the worst lungs and spine he has ever seen in a dog. While neither issue is fatal, the spine problem was causing him a great amount of pain. He was prescribed several different pain medications, and the vet advised his foster parent that Tough Guy had as long as the medications kept working.

So, Tough Guy started living out his Bucket List!   His foster parent decided that Tough Guy needed to have as much fun as possible while he could. They went to the beach at Creve Coeur Park, slurped up Puppuccinos at Starbucks (who doesn’t love a good Puppuccino?), devoured burgers from Steak n Shake, strolled around Mastadon State Park, starred in a calendar photo shoot and even attended a birthday party in his honor at Hammerstone’s! What a bucket list! Most humans would be jealous! But the number one item on his list was to have his own forever home. His foster parent did just that by adopting the sweet old man. Now Tough Guy can live out his remaining days in the comfort of his very own home! These days are spent cuddling on the bed or on the couch. Some days are good, some are bad, but he has all the love he needs to get through it. We love you, Tough Guy!


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