Posted on October 03 2017

Moose came into St. Louis County Animal Control with another cropped ear female Pittie, both were a little underweight and dirty but otherwise in good condition.  Moose was placed on the rescue only list because he was "stiff" with other dogs, turns out that stiffness is just 100% chill 100% of the time. Needy Paws Rescue took Moose under their wing. Jill, with Needy Paws, became his foster and knew almost immediately that she would end up keeping him.  Keep in mind, she has fostered over 300 dogs and have only "foster failed" one other time, but Moose was special and she knew it.  Moose has helped her welcome 40+ foster dogs into her home since he was adopted, but his favorites are the kittens.  He is so gentle and they all seek him out to snuggle.  It is the cutest thing ever!  

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