Posted on July 04 2016

The face of an angel!

Miracle was found by St. Louis County Animal Care and Control in Ferguson. It was evident she had been hit by a car and had been struggling to survive for weeks. The results of this accident were a horribly broken left front leg, a dislocated right hip and severe road rash. Local rescue group Needy Paws heard of Miracle’s plight and went to work locating a foster home that could accommodate Miracle and her extensive injuries. Once a foster home was found, Miracle’s journey of healing began. The Monday after Thanksgiving, the amazing staff at Banfield Hospital in Brentwood began the healing process. An external fixation device was attached to her broken front leg with four screws to hold it in place. Three days later, her dislocated hip was repaired. She was on her way to recovery, with loving hands to guide her way.

After awhile her foster parents then received instructions concerning Miracle’s rehabilitation process. Her physical therapy consisted of multiple short daily walks and various leg exercises. With the support and care of her foster parents Miracle persisted. Three months later, after a lot of hard work, the external fixation device was removed three months later. Now this brave little girl was ready for a forever home!

Miracle and her foster parents had gone through a lot together. They developed a true bond as a result. So, now that the time had come to find Miracle a forever home her foster parents realized they could not let her go! And they didn’t! They officially adopted Miracle and are now her forever parents.

Miracle has left her old life behind. She now lives happily with two fur-sisters of her own, napping and playing in the pool. A miracle indeed, this sweet girl is the perfect example of what a dog can overcome. She is an inspiration and a treasure. We love you, Miracle!



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