Posted on July 04 2016

Oh, my sweet Hemmy!!!

The moment we saw handsome Hemmy on social media our family fell in love. We knew we wanted to meet him right away. We already had a pup in the family so we needed to set up a meet and greet between the two to ensure he loved Hemmy as well. Not surprisingly, he did. We all knew Hemmy was the one. We put our application in for him and waited, somewhat patiently, for the call confirming what we already knew in our hearts, that he would be a part of our family. When that call came in we felt like we had a hit the lottery! That sweet boy was coming home with us – forever! And so our wonderful journey together began.

When Hemmy arrived at our home he was a little unsure at first. He would lay his head on my lap staring at me with those big ol’ puppy dog eyes begging to join me on the bed. But every time I would pat the bed and invite him to come up with me but he would just not do it. His human brother and sister were dying to snuggle with their new friend so they kept encouraging him until one day he did it! It has been non-stop snuggling since. I think he was wondering why he waited so long? “This snuggling thing is awesome!”

It has been over a year since we welcomed this sweetheart into our family. Life without him is unimaginable. He was meant to be with us. Our household is so much better with him in it. And, his family has grown. Hemmy now cares for 11 baby chicks! Those are some well-loved and lucky chicks!

Oh, and Hemmy hasn’t forgotten the friends he made before coming to us. He still visits them at the shelter, spreading love to all. He has a lot of love to give!

Our family feels truly blessed to have met Hemmy and making him a part of our family. We wish every home could have a Hemmy!


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