Posted on July 04 2016

Will perform tongue tricks for treat!

Buddha came to St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center in the Spring of 2015 as a stray running loose in Jennings, Missouri. Despite his minor injuries and having run the streets for a while he had the sweetest disposition. The Staff took an immediate liking to him and he rapidly became a favorite.

The stress of the streets and the shelter took its toll on him and he succumbed to kennel cough. Even with a runny nose, goopy eyes, and feeling miserable he was still a happy goofy pup willing to play with anyone or just hang out and get his back scratched. As he was being treated, a spot opened up with one of the shelter’s partner Veterinary Technician colleges. With his easy going personality and goofy playfulness Buddha was a natural for the job of helping students learn. He spent two weeks as a teacher’s aide, playing with students, being a goofball, and having a great time. Then the bad news came.

While at the school Buddha was tested for heartworms, and the test came back positive. The process for curing heartworms is long, expensive, and has significant risks. Most shelters do not have the resources to cure the illness. So, the process of finding Buddha a rescue began.

The shelter quickly got word out to the over 100 rescues it works with, but in the spring the rescues begin to fill up. Taking on a heartworm positive dog that will require thousands of dollars of medical expenses and not be adoptable for months is a lot to ask any rescue. To make things even harder several pups needing special attention; such as a pup hit by a car, a few pups with mange and so on, had just come into the shelter during the same time frame. The shelter was unable to find Buddha a rescue.

Enter Buddha’s mom, a particularly determined St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center staff member. She worked out a deal to treat his heartworm condition, and then adopted him, giving him a new loving home with a new human brother. Buddha and his new brother quickly became best friends and were soon joined by a slightly more rambunctious Yorkie who also came to the shelter as a stray. To round out the crew Flufaflufagus, the grey kitten on the cover of Cops and Kittens joined the bunch. Today Buddha visits the shelter to brighten up the staff’s day and he has been featured on the shelter’s Facebook page numerous times.



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