Posted on October 04 2017

Is my tongue sticking out?

It was love at first sight! When this beautiful boy with the gummy bear-like face and adorably extra long tongue came to our attention we knew he would become a member of our family. Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw his video and picture. We had to meet him as soon as possible! When that day arrived it was official, we were in love. That sweet boy was coming home with us! Now, what should we call him?

He is a big burly looking fellow but is truly a sweetheart. We needed a name that represented the mushy side of the big lug. Looking at him, I imagined what he would sound like if he could talk. The Swedish Chef from Sesame Street came immediately to mind. So with that bit of inspiration, he became…BORK.

Bork had no problem fitting into our family, finding his place on the couch right away. With his laid back attitude he formed friendships with the eclectic crew of animals that live on the farm. But his farm friends are not the only ones who feel the love, this social butterfly has made plenty of other friends around town. The bank, vet clinic, local farm store and restaurants all love this special boy. In fact, we do not dare go anywhere without him. He is in such high demand. He has fans everywhere even online! And that wonderful, crazy long tongue of his is always the topic of discussion.

Last year was rough for Bork and us. We had a brief medical scare with him. With random episodes of passing out, we found ourselves at Veterinary Specialty Services cardiology department. Poor Bork wore a very unflattering heart monitor for a month so we could find out the cause of his blackouts. He was diagnosed with an inappropriate vagal response. This causes a dramatic drop in his blood pressure resulting in the blackouts. Thankfully this is manageable by daily medication. So, not only has the treatment stopped the blackouts, Bork’s energy levels have increased. For the first time since he joined our family, he got a case of the “zoomies!” Watching our happy boy run around and play brings smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts.


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